Visual arts & Exhibition / Cube & Installation AnthropOcean − destruction of a silent world

© Michelle Kleyr

The ocean as a silent world is a romantic and very inaccurate representation of the underwater soundscape. Over the past 70 years that soundscape has been drastically altered by humans. Each decade saw the doubling of the underwater noise volume, caused by a growing world trade, military operations and seismic airguns used for oil searching. As most marine animals rely heavily on acoustics for orientation and communication, this exponential increase in noise pollution has led to an underwater world set off balance.

In AnthropOcean − destruction of a silent world, Ganaël Dumreicher, Michelle Kleyr and Lucie Wahl use original underwater sound footage of seismic airguns, ships and sonars to show what the ocean actually sounds like.

The cube

cube is a cycle of temporary artistic installations, designed outside a formal gallery space in order for the greatest number of people to enjoy. This space is located between the entrance to the Rotonde 2 and the Buvette.

Production: Rotondes

The artists

Ganaël Dumreicher, Michelle Kleyr and Lucie Wahl come from different artistic fields. As sound artist, visual artist and filmmaker they embrace an interdisciplinary approach and a rich dialogue in their visual and artistic language to tackle the issues that matter to them. They meet at a cross section of art, ecology and politics.