Visual arts & Exhibition / Loop & Video AnthropOcean – exponential expansion

© Lucie Wahl

AnthropOcean – exponential expansion is a silent link between the deafening noise present under the water’s surface, presented inside the cube, and a small country without direct access to any of the big collections of water that we call oceans”. It presents fragments of anonymous world trade, driven in part by Luxembourg’s way of living, its prominent financial sector and its fleet of 200+ ships. A striking example of a system which overexploits the oceans and disrupts a natural ecological system.

Le loop

With its loop cycle Rotondes hosts uniquely-sized artistic video creations. Hanging right above the bar, a 200 x 700 cm screen area offers new creative possibilities and high-level exposure to guest artists.

Production: Rotondes

The artists

Ganaël Dumreicher, Michelle Kleyr and Lucie Wahl come from different artistic fields. As sound artist, visual artist and filmmaker they embrace an interdisciplinary approach and a rich dialogue in their visual and artistic language to tackle the issues that matter to them. They meet at a cross section of art, ecology and politics.