Concert / Indie & Orchestral Francis of Delirium: The Orchestral Session

Congés Annulés 
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Congés Annulés 

Even though Francis of Delirium is a rock band, at the heart of the project is a love of all music. Lead singer and songwriter Jana Bahrich grew up playing everything from the violin and the French horn to the banjo and the guitar. Listening to Brahms, Mahler and Debussy she developed a real love for art music. It was really only a matter of time until those instruments were brought to the stage. 

For the very first time Francis of Delirium will perform her songs with a small chamber orchestra made up of a string trio, a bassoon, a flute, a French horn and a clarinet. Pol Belardi will arrange a few of the band’s songs which will be performed live on a night that you won’t want to miss.

vocals and compositions: Jana Bahrich / arrangement and vibraphone: Pol Belardi / violin: Ingrid Schang / viola: Nicole Miller / cello: Annemie Osborne / flute: Julie Colin / clarinet: Eric Engel / French horn: Gilles Klein / bassoon: Jérôme Theis / lights: Yann Gelezuinas / recording, mixing and mastering: Cedric Fischer / live sound: Elric Vanpouille / with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture

Francis of Delirium — I Think I’m Losing (The