From 4 years old

Concert Pogo Loko

Funky afternoon for groovy families

All aboard! Hop on the Pogo Loko and enjoy a journey through a pulsating musical landscape. There will be nothing but first-class sound all afternoon on this express train.

Ride the rails to the rhythms of Orchestre loopé’s DIY style, Grab the Bag Freestyle Show’s hip hop improv, Ourk’s rock, Alaska Gold Rush’s folk, and DJ Spudbencer’s decks.

The Pogo Loko
will be stopping at…

L’Orchestre loopé

Instrumentelabo participants are proud to present their home-made instruments and musical compositions. It’s amazing what you can do with things you were counting on throwing away!

Grab the Bag Freestyle Show
with Corbi, Hotrox & DJ Funkstarr

Corbi and Hotrox get their inspiration from a bag full of mystery objects. What they pull out of the bag will be the starting point for their hip hop improvisation, and there’s no way around it!


From krautrock to electro, from rock’n’roll to cumbia, Ourk’s tropical rock is a mashup of cool influences that will make your legs tingle. A guaranteed change of scenery!

Alaska Gold Rush

This Brussels duo combine their guitar and drums to tell stories with a garage-folk sound, clad with poetic lyrics and subtle melodies. The calm and the storm in one concert.


The right song at the right time! Spudbencer will set the pace for the afternoon, with his idiosyncratic DJ set, from the moment you hop on the train till you arrive at the last station.

+ Non-stop:

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