Urban lifestyles & local culture
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Given the success of the first edition, it’s no surprise that SUPER MAART is back! Rotondes will partner up with the noc.turn collective so shoppers in search of unique items and experiences can once again stroll happily through two different areas and atmospheres. 

Rotondes will make sure that the very best in terms of design, food, fashion and accessories from the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region are on display in the Galerie.

In the Plateforme, noc.turn will have carte blanche. The artistic collective has been committed to enriching cultural life in the South of the country for more than five years. Their Nobody’s Flea Market will showcase talented, young local artists and creative souls who deserve more visibility, in an atmosphere inspired by both Parisian flea markets and underground club culture.

La sélection des Rotondes

dans la Galerie

Alchemilla / Ancestral Cerâmica / Blauer Baldower / Botanika / by Lynne Tyson / charl vinz / De Beiefritz / domiis manufacture / Ferra Studio x Margaux Soulac / ForMe by Donatella Massoli / Handmade.pottery. corinne.f / Jule Aya Frida / Kit Empire / Kremart Edition / Kuddelmuddel / Liz Kummer / mikkele / MissBak // Aurel Ivoire / MUAAAH Records / Raclette / RAMBAZAMBA / Second Best / SuperPapier / Tiptop Luuchten / WE ARE VOYAGERS / Z prints

La sélection de noct.urn

dans la Plateforme

Urban Vintage History
Van Weis
Chris L.
Oriane B.