Exhibition opening & Visual arts / Multimedia installation The moon is full, but it is not the moon: Opening

© Gioj De Marco, Karolina Pernar, Andrej Mirčev, Agnese Toniutti & Loris D’Acunto

The moon is full, but it is not the moon is a multimedia installation which allows the audience to travel through a surreal landscape composed of sounds, images, sculptural objects, and textual traces.

For six months Gioj De Marco, Loris D’Acunto, Agnese Toniutti, Karolina Pernar and Andrej Mirčev recorded their dreams in collaboration with The Collective Dreamworld Project, an online dream-weaving experiment that uses an AI language prediction model. A sensorial collage emerged, recreated here in a series of atmospheric chambers where sculptural forms, video projections, soundscapes, musical compositions, and staged performances take turns appearing and disappearing. Moving through the space as if in a dream, visitors explore the connections between science, the arts and deep learning.

production: Rotondes