Exhibitions / Photography Les Voyeuses

© Photo 1: Edouard Kutter / Photo 2 © Tony Krier / Photo 3 © Pol Aschman

For nearly a month, intriguing installations in and around Rotondes’ Courtyard (Parvis) will beckon you to explore them up close and take a peek inside. These voyeuses” function as enhanced telescopes, allowing you to peer at scenes that exist just out of view – with one twist. The images you observe were captured over 60 years ago. But the voyeuses” offer more than just a window to the past; they also reveal a multitude of contemporary artistic visions in the next moment. Twelve local and international artists have been selected to enhance, challenge, subvert, or reimagine these historical photos, turning Rotondes into their playground for the summer.

Visitors can extend their journey across time and artistic realms by purchasing affordable postcard packs (six per pack) from a new micro-edition vending machine, the rotondo:mat, stationed at the exhibition.

A performance will also be presented during the opening night (see the details here on the left).

On photographs by:

Édouard Kutter
Pol Aschman
Romain Urhausen
Theo Mey
Tony Krier

Les Voyeuses is a Rotondes-produced exhibition, supported by the Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg.

Photos credits:
Photo 1: Édouard Kutter, 1963 © Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
Photo 2: Pol Aschman, 1955 © Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
Photo 3: Tony Krier, 1944 © Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg