Concert Congés Annulés: Blind pass available now

Just trust us when we say the line-up will be top-notch.

EDIT: Blinds passes are sold out!


It’s official: the Congés Annulés will take place from Friday July 29 to Wednesday August 24. The magic formula remains the same: a month’s worth of concerts, DJ sets, showcases, long apéritifs” and everything that makes summer the best time of the year.

Here’s what we can tell you: the line-up will not disappoint (has it ever?). Here’s what we can NOT tell you: the names! For that, you will have to wait until May 17.

The return of the blind pass

Do you trust our bookers 100%? Are you convinced that, whatever happens, you will be at Rotondes almost every night? Tthe blind pass is made for you! For only 49€, you will have access to every concert of the Congés Annulés.

Obviously, such a beautiful thing is in short supply. Be quick and click on the link below to get your hands on a blind pass.

https://​apps​.tick​et​mat​ic​.com/​w​i​d​g​e​t​s​/​c​r​/​f​l​o​w​ /​r​o​t​o​n​d​e​s​?​e​v​e​n​t​=​6​8​0​3​4​0​4​7​9​ 3​7​4​&​l​=​e​n​#​!​/​a​d​d​t​i​ckets

And now for the fine print: The pass is striclty personal. Only one pass per order. An ID will be requested at the entrance of the hall.