Educational material

Companies offer interesting information to help you prepare for their shows.
© SAHASA © Noah Bach / TRAIT(s) © Coline Garcia / Diorama © Mathias Theisen

Before attending a performance, we encourage you to prepare your class/​​group for the show. When companies share educational materials, we make them available to you on the Rotondes website and notify you by email. Whether or not you chose to use them, they can provide interesting information about the show that you are going to see.

TRAIT(s) — Dossier pédagogique (FR)

Download 1 Mb (PDF)

Wellbeing – Mental Noise — Dossier pédagogique (FR)

Download 2 Mb (PDF)

SAHASA — Dossier pédagogique (FR)

Download 1 Mb (PDF)

Dislex — Dossier pédagogique (FR)

Download 4 Mb (PDF)

Diorama — Poster d’activités

Download 3 Mb (PDF)

Irgenswoanders — Educational material (EN)

Download 1 Mb (PDF)

Hamlet et nous — Dossier pédagogique (FR)

Download 6 Mb (PDF)

Un océan d’amour — Valise numérique (FR)

Download 3 Mb (ZIP)

Track — Fiche pédagogique

Download 2 Mb (PDF)

GO ! — Dossier pédagogique (FR)

Download 3 Mb (PDF)