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Wat ass Architektur? – Cinémarchitecture
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A steel city that has the neighbours talking. Japanese-style houses designed by their future buyers. A construction kit entrusted to students. 

In Charleroi, Liège and Brussels, three architects and a handful of utopian residents are going to make their housing ideals a reality. Just out of May 68, they want to demonstrate the revolutionary potential of industrialized architecture. 

A human and architectural adventure that has animated them for more than forty years… What remains today of their houses of tomorrow?

LIFE, ASSEMBLED — official trailer (VOstENG)
Wat ass Architektur?

Wat ass Architektur? has been initiated to raise questions on various topics related to architecture, while presenting their relevance in a national and international context. At every Wat ass Architektur? evening you can expect a movie preceded and followed by unreleased film footage by WAA, highlighting the link between the projected film and Luxembourg.

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