Concert 100,7 Air Break

With LINQ + Sheebaba + Loivós + DJ set by Don Simon
Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: Sheebaba by Mike Zenari / photo 2: LINQ / photo 3: Loivòs
Congés Annulés 

The 100,7 team needs to see the sun just as much as anyone else and the radio studios could use some fresh air. Radio 100,7 is calling an Air Break! Come join the team at Rotondes and listen to some exciting music acts from Luxembourg.

LOIVÓS are a post-emo alternative band consisting of Gilles Dax, Michel Hubert, Christian Lage, and Philipp Noppeney. The Luxembourg-based band have been creating music together for nearly 10 years in different constellations, featuring renowned local artists from different genres. Now LOIVÓS combines influences from indie, progressive rock and metal, math rock, pop-punk and emo to create their signature sound. Elaborate and dynamic song structures are complemented with melodious arrangements. Technically diverse, rich and ambient guitar sounds combined with smooth polyphonic singing are dominating the sound spectrum.

Have you ever yearned for the freshness of hip hop delivered with a punk rock energy while simultaneously elevated to the highest standard of musical virtuosity and freedom by modern-day jazz? Well, no need to look further than Mateus Wojda’s project, LINQ, which links all of his influences in a true cross-over and boundary pushing fashion. Albeit a very intimate project initiated by Wojda, LINQ is powered by the expertise and technical grandeur of John Wolter (drums), Pit Dahm (keys), Pierre Cocq-Amann (sax) and Gilles Grethen (guitar).

Sheebabas body of sound seems like a concrete potion poured in a fishnet suit. With bruit, the duo somehow unveils a synesthetic tonality that paints plain but uneven textures of industrial glitch, fuzz and noise. Along the way, they synthesize both textual and tonal fragments from a wide-ranging tableau of pop music history, film and everyday life. Through the refreshing juxtaposition of all these fragments, paired with multilingual speech, an enigmatic narrative patchwork emerges.

violet (SSMMÜTT remix) _ SHEEBABA (official music