Exhibition opening & Visual arts / Augmented children’s books AB / Augmented Books 3.0: vernissage

Fabula Rasa 
© photo 1: Lynn Theisen / photo 2: Bloom © Julie Safirstein, Éditions du livre / photo 3: Dans la lune © Fanette Mellier, Éditions du livre
Fabula Rasa 

CovidCheck event:

A CovidCheck certificate (paper or digital version) must be presented to attend the event. This rule applies for everyone from 12 years + 2 months and above. Further information about our CovidCheck measures here.

Good things come in threes! So for the third − and last − time, Rotondes will open its unique library of children’s books. In the AB / Augmented Books exhibition, the books are not there just to be read, they are waiting to be brought to life. 

The moon throws itself at the visitors’ feet, the sandman’s daughter ventures into the virtual night… Stories overflow from the pages with the complicity of the readers. Thanks to the authors’ inventiveness, sometimes all it takes is a single gesture − a pencil stroke, a snip of the scissors, a slip of the finger − to rediscover and multiply the pleasure of reading. Here, that pleasure extends far beyond the paper, on tablets and in ingenious participatory installations.

Special activities

Reading and workshops

Sat 22.01.22 >14:30
Labo Utopop
with Marion Bataille

Sun 23.01.22 >14:30
Crée ton propre Méli-mélo
with Dominique Ehrhard and Anne-Florence Lemasson

Sun 23.01.22 >11:00
Lecture D’Sandmeedchen
with Yorick Schmit

In the presence of:

Marion Bataille (Saturday)
Dominique Ehrhard and Anne-Florence Lemasson (Saturday and Sunday)
Alexandre Chaize of Éditions du livre (Saturday and Sunday)
Dirk Kesseler and Yorick Schmit (Sunday)

The AB / Augmented Book 3.0 exhibition is a Rotondes production.

With the support of Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte