Concert / Audiovisual AudioVisual Night 2

With Sahar Homami and Tryphème & Ulysse Lefort
© photos 1 & 3: fanaa by Sahar Homami / photo 2: Tryphème

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Sahar Homami (IR/CA/DE) – fanaa

Inspired by 12th-century Persian-Sufi poet Attar’s book The Conference of the Birds, Sahar Homami’s fanaa (فنا fanā) is based on a mystical concept referring to passing away or the annihilation of the self.

fanaa explores the breaking down of the ego and the recognition of the fundamental unity of everything that exists within the self. In four chapters (Arrival, Dissolution, Absolute Nothingness, and Rebirth), this audiovisual journey interweaves elements of Persian calligraphy, mystical philosophy and generative art, entrancing into a poetic journey.

fanaa is part of a larger project which consists of a concert piece, an installation, prints and a screening version.

concept, direction, composition, programmation: Sahar Homami / coproduction: Tehran Contemporary Sounds, Musikfonds e.V. / produced by Studio Homami / creation 2021

fanaa Teaser

Tryphème & Ulysse Lefort (FR) – Live A/V

Tryphème’s music manages to draw on our last remaining heartstrings and make them vibrate. The strength of this autodidact lies in the emotional purity of her hybrid music, between industrial cold, electronic minutia and synthetic sensualities.

For the visual part of her multi-faceted show, Tryphème collaborates with Ulysse Lefort, a digital artist who creates a perfect synchronization between image and sound with the help of deep learning and GAN (Generative Adversarial Network, i.e. an artificial intelligence designed as a machine learning system).

Sahar Homami

Sahar Homami (she/​they) is an audiovisual artist/​programmer, calligrapher and researcher from Tehran, based in Berlin and Montreal. Their background and approach are multidisciplinary and experimental, driven by combining art, technology, philosophy and mysticism. Their artistic practice assumes different formats while maintaining a strong anchor on storytelling and real-time generative art, calling it live poetic cinema.

Their work has been presented at international festivals and conferences including MUTEK Montreal (2021−2020), HYBRID – Cutting-Edge Canada (2021), Tehran Contemporary Sounds (2021−2019) Abuja Art Week (2020), DAVE (2020), Summerworks (2018), Berlin Music Video Awards (2018) and Generate!_lab (2018).


Self-taught French musician Tryphème had her breakthrough in 2017 with her debut album, Online Dating, that led to a performance at the Boiler Room. Since then, she’s kept experimenting and revealing the results of her exploration, including on her show Dame de Coeur on LYL Radio.

Thanks to the support of the Centre FGO-Barbara, Tryphème has been able to develop a live sound of her own, where energy and art collide. Her second album, Thanks God for Air Emotions, is yet another indicator of her obsession for sensitive music that conveys her unfiltered emotions.