Concert / Rock & Psychedelic Cory Hanson

Support: ZZZ Top
Congés Annulés 
© Asal Shahindoust
Congés Annulés 

Cory Hanson is upping the heat to molten levels, six strings at a time! He draws with vampiric glee from the madness coursing through the world outside; a spiraling shitshow that’s reawakened a compulsion in him – an old ambition, even: to crush brutality and elegance together into a fresh set of rocks to hail down upon us.

His latest album, Western Cum, is a high-stepping, hard-dancing, first love/​heartbreak, tonight’s‑the-night, future nostalgia kind of good time — the sound of guitars through the speakers of luxury cars. Like the dream you had once, alone, asleep in an amplifier, blasting Guns N’ Roses through every last orifice in your body. And it’s coming through!

For fans of:

Wand, Ty Segall

Cory Hanson Housefly” (Official Music Video)

And to open the show, get ready to boogie with ZZZ Top, America’s greatest tribute to America’s greatest band, coming straight from Texas.

ZZZ Top — Live at Gold-Diggers Bar, LA 3/2/2023