DJ set Multiplica Closing Night

With Cleveland & Katy De Jesus
© photos 1 & 3: Katy De Jesus / photo 2: Cleveland

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LU, Hivern Discs / Kalahari Oyster Cult 

Music producer, DJ, and artist Cleveland’s sound universe is versatile, yet clearly recognisable. His dark electronic music creates a suggestive and contemplative atmosphere that stays focused on the dancefloor, as it strikes a balance between a propulsive side and carefully designed loops, conducive to getting lost in the moment.

Katy De Jesus

LU, Family Unit, hush

Katy De Jesus blends her Portuguese heritage and Luxembourgish upbringing with fresh inspiration from Berlin. With a true ear for rhythm, Katy’s sets focus on driving, hypnotic beats spliced with tripped-out samples and the occasional rave classic. Her profound ability to keep the energy going at a party is second to none – she’s the perfect fit to end the 2021 edition of Multiplica on a high note!