Concert / Post-punk Thus Love

Support: Autumn Sweater
Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: Thus Love / photo 2: Autumn Sweater
Congés Annulés 

For Thus Love, DIY is an ethos that reflects not only their musical vision but their very existence as three self-identifying trans artists. From the band’s inception, Echo Mars (she/​her), Lu Racine (he/​him) and Nathaniel van Osdol (they/​them) have lived together under the same roof, designed and produced their own merch, and even created their own recording studio from scratch. I realise that most artists don’t live this way,” says Mars. But for us, it was never really a choice. The art we make is so tied to who we are and the community we’re a part of, that this is the only way we can possibly do it.”

Armed with nothing but YouTube videos and her innate curiosity, Mars constructed a makeshift studio in their rented apartment, recording during odd hours when their next-door neighbors were out and about. What came out of it? Fabulous post-punk pop”! (The Guardian)

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Bodega, Interpol, Cola

THUS LOVE — Centerfield (Official Video)

The night will start with local indie rock four-piece Autumn Sweater. Their music is jangly, noisy yet melodic and imperfect. What’s not to like?

Autumn Sweater — Drinks