Rotondes inspires you Christine

I love that Rotondes has it all in one place”
© Christine Faber

We’re the first ones to say that inspiration can be found everywhere. Still, when visitors get ideas from Rotondes, we see it as a huge compliment. We’d like you to meet some of the people who enjoy Rotondes in their free time, each in their own way.

Christine’s story with Rotondes goes back to 2010, when she interned for the first Triennale. When she shared a watercolour painting she’d done of us during lockdown, we knew it was time to catch up.

Rotondes and you, it’s a story that goes way back!

I saw Rotondes emerge from the very beginning, starting with the European Capital of Culture in 2007. But my closest contact with Rotondes must have been the 2010 Triennale, for which I assisted Steph [Meyers, our current director and then head of the visual arts department] and Didier Damiani. 

I studied in England and when I came back, it was the only place where you could find so much culture under one roof (well, two roofs now!). It kind of reminded me of places like the Barbican or the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. Up to that point there’d been no place like that in Luxembourg. Rotondes definitely filled a gap! It has that vibe”, I think that’s why so many expats are drawn to the place.

© Christine Faber

You did an amazing watercolour painting of us during lockdown. How did that come about?

To be honest, I was like many of us were: a bit bored. The project started on a weekend when I was frustrated about being stuck at home again. I was looking for something to do and I was thinking of those places I would normally go to on a weekend. 

The first place I painted was Vins Fins and then Vis-à-Vis, Tram, De Gudde Wëllen and Rotondes followed. When I posted these on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I could tell that many of my friends felt exactly the same. Now, luckily, all these places have reopened but I’ve continued painting them because it feels important to pay tribute to the places that are special to me and to many other people. You only notice how special they are when you can’t go there.

How many of these places have you been back to?

All of them! As soon as I could! I had missed them so much, once the lockdown ended, I immediately went back.

The Congés Annulés festival is a highlight every summer but particularly so this year. It was exactly what people needed. Let’s just say that I spent a certain number of evenings here! So many events had been cancelled, the festival gave us the impression we were having a normal summer. Sure, there were restrictions but the atmosphere was nice and everybody felt it was safe to come here. And I must say it was great to rediscover the Luxembourgish music scene.

© Christine Faber

This year’s edition is a happy memory for many people, that’s for sure. Do you have a favourite memory of Rotondes to share?

I have this picture as my cover picture on Facebook, with my family name spelled out with the little red buttons at the entrance of the Buvette. But to be clear: I didn’t write my name on there myself. I just walked in for a concert and my name was on that board, as if Rotondes was personally welcoming me! If that isn’t a nice welcome, I don’t know what is!

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