Visual arts & Exhibition Flip off

Flipbooks and animated images
© photos 1 & 2: Eric Engel

The secret behind perfect animation is timing… simply getting the speed between images right! As part of Fabula Rasa, the Flip off exhibition unravels the mystery using flipbooks by Luxembourgish and international artists.

In book format (like Tandem Running by Marie Lavis, published by Rotondes), in film version or in nifty little boxes, the images come to life before the eyes and in the hands of visitors. Simple ways to tell stories, very different from the big animation studios but a thousand times more impressive!

With new works by:

Marie Lavis (LU/BE/FR) and Marie Paccou (FR);
and Gaëlle Antoine (BE), Rafaela Bermond (LU/BR), Jan Buchczik (DE), Selina Ellerich (DE), Jessica Frascht (LU), Ana Gaman (LU), Tom Haugomat (FR), Liz Kummer (LU), Céline Loegel (LU), Roro Mawouane (FR), Marine Rivoal (FR), Nadine Rocco (LU), Marine Schneider (BE), Paul Schroeder (LU), SuperPapier (FR), Uvaat (FR), Blanca Vázquez (ES), Zahree Veerman (LU/NL), Charl Vinz (LU)

production: Rotondes, avec le soutien de l’Œuvre nationale Grande-Duchesse Charlotte