A word from our director Steph Meyers

Right round, round, round, like a rotonde
© photo © Lynn Theisen / visuel © Steph Meyers

The Earth is round like a rotonde, or blue like an orange, if you are to believe a famous French poet. Others, more irresponsible – or better informed – claim that it’s flat as a pancake. Or that man never went to the moon. Or that masks don’t protect you. When dealing with these subjects, please allow us to remain cautious and continue to recommend that you comply with existing regulations, which will no doubt be with us for some time to come.

A paradigm shift

What we were faced with in 2020 was a lot more than new data to evaluate, new parameters to take into account or new restrictions to apply. For a cultural institution like ours, what we experienced was a paradigm shift. The virus forced us to invent forms of cultural experiences seemingly in complete contradiction with the idea of shared enjoyment, which is, and remains, the raison d’être of our institution and the core of our profession.

As the situation evolves we will continue to adapt to it. But beyond that we will do everything possible to imagine ways for all to enjoy shows, listen to live music, attend conferences, visit exhibitions or stroll through markets, keeping the focus on our unique venue and its main purpose: sharing emotions and memorable moments.

Recreating a natural habit

Please take a look at our event calendar, click on the star at the bottom right to save your favourites and subscribe to our news without hesitation. On our side, we will do everything to make your visit to Rotondes an unforgettable experience, be it in 2020, 2021 or beyond.

Since the spring of 2020, going to a cultural event has lost all sense of normality and spontaneity. For the 20/21 season we will do our best to find the angles, approaches and formulas necessary to make it become a natural habit again. So we can once more settle down to share moments of joy and togetherness, get excited about new sounds, sights, ideas and discoveries and find reasons to reflect, discuss and debate, even when its from beneath a mask.

So come visit Rotondes this season and feel the difference, come see the Earth from our location and let us spin you round.