Visual arts programming Marc Scozzai

Screens are OK, but they’re not round. See you very soon at Rotondes!”

After all that we’ve been through these past months, the Rotondes’ team is more motivated than ever and eager to present the great 20/21 season they have put together. Here is what the members of our team in charge of programming have planned for the coming months, in the hope that it will make you want to come back to Rotondes. 

How did you experience the sudden end of the 19/20 season and the programming of the 20/21 season? Did it keep you awake at night or was it manageable?

The closure of our premises was announced on the day we were supposed to begin setting up the Luxembourg Encouragement for Artists Prize exhibition. The first weeks of the lockdown were mainly used on going through all the alternative scenarios for postponing our various events. It was an unexpected way to experience creativity, but no less captivating.

At the same time and up until the end of April (when it was decided to suspend all programming until 31 July), I was working on the 5th Triennale Jeune Création. The exhibition was programmed for this summer under the title Brave New World Order”. In view of the current events, this theme took on a special significance and the project was deeply impacted by it.

Could any of the events that unfortunately had to be cancelled these past months be postponed to the upcoming season? 

We were able to postpone both the LEAP20 art prize and the Triennale Jeune Création: the first to November of this year, the second to the summer of next year. 

As we couldn’t possibly bring the 40 artists from four countries together for the Triennale but wanted to stay true to our mission of networking and supporting the Greater Region’s young art scene, we initiated an online platform, www​.brave​new​worl​dorder​.lu, where the artists can discuss, exchange and share the various stages of their work.

Share some of the 20/21 highlight with us!

Because of the situation the next season will look a lot like this season should have, so the highlight will remain the same: Brave New World Order, from 1 July to 29 August 2021 at Rotondes and Casino Luxembourg — Forum d’art contemporain.

Another highlight will be the XPO_E exhibition in April 2021. This third edition will showcase the works of art students from eight Luxembourgish secondary schools.

What are your hopes for life at Rotondes in the coming weeks? 

I hope we continue to share and work the way we do as a team for the weeks, months and years to come, constantly reinventing Rotondes, finding solutions to every challenge and surprising our public again and again.

Do you have a message for the public?

Screens are OK, but they’re not round. See you very soon at Rotondes!