Before coming to the show

Bringing your class or a group of young people to a performance? Here are our tips to get the most out of the experience.
© Eric Engel

Before the show

Before signing your group up, consult the overview in order to choose the most suitable show. Then follow the instructions outlined on this page. About two weeks before the date of the performance, the people responsible for a registered group receive a reminder of their reservation by email, along with a map with directions and other useful information. Please notify us of any changes that have occurred since you signed up, especially concerning the number of spectators, and any information that you consider important to help us to welcome you properly.


Before attending a performance, we encourage you to prepare your class/​group for the show. On our website, you will find videos, photographs, and other useful material. When companies share educational materials, we make them available to you on the Rotondes website and notify you by email. Whether or not you chose to use them, they can provide interesting information about the show that you are going to see. When we think it’s necessary, we will draw your attention to certain aspects of the show (language level, difficulty of the subject matter, etc.). In some cases, we offer teachers an introduction in class. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

Newcomers and experienced spectators

The show that you have chosen could be the first live show that members of your group, especially the youngest, have ever experienced. It’s important to explain to them what to expect and a few rules in order to help them to understand what they will experience and to reassure the most sensitive among them. Explain to them how you are getting to Rotondes and prepare them for the quiet and the darkness of the venue.

It is always helpful to remind everyone of a few important guidelines: they should sit quietly, remain in their assigned seats, and be silent during the show. For older groups, mobile phones (including those of the adults) will remain turned off throughout the performance. All this will help them to focus and listen attentively and will enable the artists to give the best possible performance.

During the show

A live performance is above all a shared experience. When you attend a theatrical performance with a class or a group of young people, you are giving them an experience that is all about discovery and pleasure. While it’s necessary to follow certain rules, it’s also essential to be able to express yourself: laughter, shock or amazement, and applause at the end of the show are all reactions that the performers hope for. Don’t prevent your students or your group from expressing their emotions! It is up to adults to make the distinction between a normal and desirable reaction and an inappropriate behaviour. We are here to help you do that: a member of our team is always present during the performances to assist you should the need arise.

After the show

After the performance, there is time for comments and discussion. When possible, we invite you to share your impressions with the artists at the end of the performance.

We welcome all of your comments and suggestions. Please share your impressions of the show with us. They will be read with interest.