Coming to a show

Don’t be late, leave your phone in your pocket and more tips to enjoy our shows
© photo 1: Eric Engel / photos 2 & 3: Sven Becker

Starting times

The shows begin at the scheduled time. Tickets that have been reserved must be collected, at the latest, fifteen minutes before the show starts. Once that deadline has passed, the seats will be put back on sale. The performance venues can no longer be accessed once the show has started.

Ages and languages

The shows are aimed at different age groups and the language of the shows varies. Please pay attention when making your choice and follow the recommendations for the sake of all the spectators, but above all that of your child. The age rating is determined by a show’s content, form, duration, and degree of emotional intensity. The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to spectators who are younger than the recommended age. Young children cannot attend a show without adult supervision.

Maximum capacity

According to the type of show and the target age group, theatre companies deliberately limit the number of spectators per performance to create the best possible connection between the audience and the piece being performed. Performances can, as a result, be sold out without all the seats being occupied.

In the venue

Any recording or photography, for public or private use, is strictly forbidden without prior consent from the organiser. The use of cameras, camcorders, and mobile telephones is forbidden in the performance venues. Food, drinks, and animals are also forbidden.

Minders, spectators like any other

To accompany a child to the theatre is to share a magical experience with them while being a spectator in your own right. It also means being available, remaining attentive towards them to reassure them, and intervening discretely if necessary, though without interrupting the experience by commenting too much and thus preventing them from being carried away by their own imagination.